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Frequently Asked Questions was answered!
Last Revision: 02/11/2023

Welcome to Astra World!

Here, we made a list about FAQ in the Astra. And we hope so it's going to help you. If you cannot find your question's answer, you can create a topic on Help & Questions .

How can I reach your Discord/Web server?https://astra2.net/ and discord.gg/obgames
Why there is not any chat channel on your Discord server?
This is our 3rd Discord server. We will use ⁠Discord to support you and also board.astra2.net. Shortly, because of the copyrights.
What is the client limit on the game?
It's three, but only allowed one account to farm.
Does any cheat work on the server?Cheats are 98% blocked but even if it works on rare situations, our advanced bot control unit is ready to ban BOTS!
When will item shop be open after a fresh start server?It'll be opened in Sunday.
How can I activate the auto-pickup?It's top of the ESC menu, you should pick "Auto Collect"
Where does Orc Maze ticket drop?from Devil Tower, or you can buy via "Boss-Gaya Shop."
Where does Barones ticket drop?from Spider of Queen.
What is the Vote4Buff and how can I get?You can give vote with your account from the game website, you will get Vote-Coin for that action. And you'll be able to pick one of: %5 Berserker, %50 EXP Bonus or %50 Item-drop chance.
What is the average damage that is possible with bonus switcher?It's 100, but it's really hard to catch over 80.
What is the multiboss blocking?This is a system that counts the dungeon cooldown for your computer. Dungeon cooldown works for your other accounts when you enter the dungeon with one account. You can enter the dungeons only 1 time with one computer because of this system. Another factor that works integrated to multiboss blocking system is HWID (hardware ID) limit. It is a system that bans the account when logged in with 3 computers in 24 hours.
Who are the streamers?You can visit our discord.gg/obgames server for more information about it.
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