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- Chapter 1 (Server Concept): It's a 55-120 Newschool server like our previous servers. This is going to be one of the newest and freshest Astra server. Beside of our last server, in Liberty you'll be able to play from ZERO with thousand of the players. It will provide everyone a fair chance of evolving your accounts no doubt. And additionally, we brought some gameplay features to increase your gameplay quality.

- Chapter 2 (New updates): We'll everytime work for you to bring game updates and keep the game current. But after a point, we're absolutely starting to struggle because of the already existing lot of system. It's not going to be special systems for Akademia, but after opening and during the season everytime game will be supported with the new updates. Some new updates are listed below:
Simplification on the item shop:
The category of equipping items in the item shop has been removed. Runes have been removed from the item market.
Battle Pass Changes:
Battle Pass missions can no longer be skipped. The Battle Pass is no longer free. Battle Pass rewards have been changed to only provide BP Tokens, which can be used for purchases.
Beginning gear have been changed:
Average Damage of your beginning weapon have been reduced from 100 to 60. All items have been reduced from +9 to +0. Each starting equipment now provides 1 Monster and 1 Metin at +0, and 24 Monsters and 24 Metin at +9.
Gameplay changes:
The era to merge two or five items from the Zodiac and Black Dragon items has been ended. All transformations from Zodiac onwards can now be crafted sequentially with magic stone. The dungeon craft with gaya and dungeon hourglass has been closed; dungeon hourglass can only be obtained from events. Dungeons will no longer require tickets; a small amount of dungeon gaya will be required instead. Profession maps will be activated at the start of the game but will not be available in the item market for a week.
Changes in events:
The event schedule has been revised; all events will be activated for 15 minutes in every 4 hours. The new event, Dark Destroyers, will reward magnificent prizes for the top 1 to 10; the event item will be delivered to the event assistant in the common area. Extra damage event has been permanently removed. Empire war has been permanently removed.
Changes in guilds:
Guild level upgrade can now be done with Yang instead of EXP. The number of guild members will increase based on the guild level; every 1 level will add 25 members. Guild bosses can be killed according to the guild level; a level 5 guide can kill one boss, a level 10 guide can kill two boss and it goes like that.
Changes in Rewards:
Promoters cant get ANY rewards anymore.
- Chapter 3 (Launch time): 23/FEB/2024, 19.00 (CET)

- Chapter 4 (Item-Shop opening): The IS will be activated on Sunday in 25th of February!

- Chapter 5 (Beta server): Beta server has been already opened since 20th of February, players will be able to test systems and also they will have a chance to get REAL MONEY! (There is 100 Euro reward for the player who has most damage on PvM.)

And if you want to reach more information, don't forget to join our (
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