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- Chapter 1 (Server Concept): It's a 55-120 Newschool server. This is going to be one of the newest and freshest Astra server. Beside of our last server, in Akademia you'll be able to play from ZERO with thousand of the players. It will provide everyone a fair chance of evolving your accounts no doubt.

- Chapter 2 (New updates): We'll everytime work for you to bring game updates and keep the game current. But after a point, we're absolutely starting to struggle because of the already existing lot of system. It's not going to be special systems for Akademia, but after opening and during the season everytime game will be supported with the new updates.

- Chapter 3 (Launch time): 24/NOV/2023, 19.00 (CET)

- Chapter 4 (Item-Shop opening): The IS will be activated on Sunday in 26th of November!

- Chapter 5 (Beta server): Beta server will be announced in next days, players will be able to test systems and also they will have a chance to get REAL MONEY!

And if you want to reach more information, don't forget to join our (
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